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March Gardening Tip – Protect your growing gardens from slugs and snails this spring!

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Spring showers bring not only flowers! Slug and snail season is upon us and these slimy gastropods love, love, love
to chomp away at iris and daylily foliage! This a friendly reminder to apply your preferred bait or exclusion barriers
to control these pesky buggers.

Excessive foliar damage is not only aesthetically displeasing, but also diminishes photosynthetic activity and creates wounds that make plants more susceptible to attracting other pests and disease. So if you’re seeing slime trails and lots of holes in your foliage, it’s a great time to establish some control in the garden!

These pests are primarily active at night or on cool, cloudy days. Begin by tidying your garden by weeding and removing excess debris where slugs and snails love to hide and lay eggs. Bait applications do best following a spell of rain; an opportune time for gastropod activity. If you have furry friends that frequent your garden, be mindful to choose a pet-friendly bait. Exclusion barriers such as cracked filbert shells, plant cloches, and collars will also offer great protection.

For further detailed information on slug and snail management strategies, visit this amazing resource provided by Oregon State University.

Oregon State University – Slug Portal:


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