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Begin at the beginning…if you can remember when it began


Speaking of inspiration and passion and all things Iris, read Vanessa Spady’s passionate tale of her gradual and consuming love affair with THE flower of Inspiration — the Iris.

Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing this with us!

Source: Begin at the beginning…if you can remember when it began


Author: Schreiner's Iris Gardens

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2 thoughts on “Begin at the beginning…if you can remember when it began

  1. I divided Iris las fall. Think I may have repented the Rhizomes too shallow . The tops are not covered with soil, but new green leaves are sprouting. Should I add more soil to the bed and cover the tops?


    • Actually, it sounds like you planted them perfectly. Bearded Iris should be planted shallowly. The tops should be exposed above the surface. The exception to this rule is if you live in an extremely hot climate. In such cases, a light thin layer of soil on top of the rhizome can prevent scorching. However, in most temperate areas the rhizome should be exposed. The green foliage on your plants tells you that they are happy. Take a peek at our “How to Grow & Care for Iris” pages, specifically the “Planting Bearded Iris” page:


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