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Success with Bearded Iris: FAQs

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Bearded Iris | Wingman
“Wingman” Tall Bearded Iris (Schreiner 2015)

Bearded iris are among the easiest-to-grow and the most rewarding spring blooming perennials. We have answered a few of the common questions about planting and caring for iris in the home garden. Visit our “How to Grow and Care for Iris” pages on our website for the full list. You’ll find tips on growing and caring for your Bearded Iris, including the proper techniques to ensure prime growth and how to give your Iris all the attention they need and deserve.

For example: “When do I plant bearded iris?”

For best results, Iris should be planted in July, August or September. It’s imperative that the roots of newly planted Iris be well-established before the growing season ends.  In areas with hot summers and mild winters, September or October planting may be preferred. We strongly suggest Iris be planted at least six weeks before the first hard frost in your area.

You’ll find more helpful tips to commonly asked questions on our How to Grow and Care for Iris pages. If you still have questions, we welcome you to phone our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team at 800-525-2367.


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