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The foliage has been trimmed. The debris cleared away. The gardening tools are clean and stored (…right?)… Time to head indoors. Time to get yourself a good read or two to fuel your gardening (and Iris) passion. Here we offer a run down of a handful of titles (yes, they are found on our website, not by coincidence…) We believe you will enjoy these. In fact, friends and family might enjoy them too. Pass this post along to them! We’d be much obliged!

Beardless Irises|Kevin Vaughn

Author Kevin Vaughn autographing his new book while visiting Schreiner’s Iris Gardens

Beardless Irises|Kevin VaughnOur newest offering, “Beardless Irises: A Plant for Every Garden Situation” (2015 Kevin Vaughn). Written by local Oregon author Kevin Vaughn, this complete guide gives all the information you need to choose, grow, and appreciate the beardless iris—from basic planting information to help beginners, to the essential hybridizing details that horticulturists need. Here, all five major groups are covered in detail: Siberian, Japanese, Pacific Coast Native, spuria, and Louisiana. The garden uses, development of the modern hybrids, and recommended cultures are given for each of the diverse groups of beardless irises. In addition, a separate chapter covers the techniques for creating your own beardless hybrids. ~ Schiffer Publishing Ltd. Every copy sold by Schreiner’s Iris Gardens has been autographed by the author, Kevin Vaughn.

Gentle Prayers|Betty FletcherGentle Prayers for Hope and Healing” (2013 Betty Fletcher) is a lovely little volume. Now out of print, it is among our personal favorites. (We purchased all available volumes from the publisher – Harvest House.) Tender prayers and comforting verses invite readers facing a physical or emotional trial to the refuge of God’s loving presence. Beautiful photographs of tranquil gardens and nature’s bounty evoke God’s abiding peace while prayers written in first person lead readers to entrust their needs and hopes to God’s care.Gentle Prayers|Betty Fletcher

Whether received as a gift or chosen as a companion for a personal journey, this treasure offers rest, encouragement, sustenance, and a gentle, generous space for refreshment. Many of the photos in this beautifully composed book were taken at Schreiner’s Iris Gardens. ~ Harvest House


Guide to Bearded Irises|Kelly NorrisA Guide to Bearded Irises: Cultivating the Rainbow for Beginners and Enthusiasts” (2012 by Kelly Norris) beautifully displays how the diversity of bearded irises rivals that of any other perennial grown in temperate climates. For some gardeners, they bring back warm memories of a grandparent’s garden; for others, they’re a cutting-edge plant with a seemingly endless capacity for producing new forms and patterns.

In this comprehensive and definitive guide, irisarian Kelly Norris provides an accessible yet authoritative overview of these deservedly popular plants. Introductory chapters show how to grow iris successfully, how to use them in the garden, how to choose the best plants, and how to “create” new irises. A Guide to Bearded Irises also provides portraits of the most outstanding plants in each of the six recognized categories, from the dainty miniature dwarf bearded irises to the stately tall bearded irises. A resource section lists specialty nurseries devoted to bearded irises. ~ Timber Press, Inc.

Louisiana IrisesThe Louisiana Iris: The Taming of a Native American Wildflower” (1988, 2000, The Society for Louisiana Irises) This is a revised edition of the first complete reference published on Louisiana irises, the five species of Iris in section Hexagonae. This authoritative treatment by The Society for Louisiana Irises is based on the first edition published by the Society in 1988, but it is considerably expanded. It covers every aspect of the history, botany, and development of these distinctive irises, with particular emphasis on the newest hybrids, hybridizing techniques, and cultural practices, and also includes suggestions for their use in the landscape and in floral arrangements. It should serve to introduce a wider gardening public to these most colorful and versatile flowers. (Excerpt from


Pacifi NW Garden Tour|Donald OlsonThe Pacific Northwest Garden Tour” (2014, Donald Olson) The Pacific Northwest is full of glorious public gardens, in addition to nurseries and garden centers with display gardens. But how many of them do you know? The delightfully written Pacific Northwest Garden Tour takes you to sixty of the best gardens in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. With an easy-to-use format and enticing photographs, it’s anPacific NW Garden Tour|Donald Olson indispensable companion to one of the lushest garden belts in North America, if not the world. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, you’ll discover little-known gems and rediscover classic gardens—all of them filled with beauty, history, drama, and excitement. ~ Timber Press, Inc. Every copy sold by Schreiner’s Iris Gardens has been autographed by the author, Donald Olson.

The World of Irises|Iris ReferenceThe World of Irises (1978, 1989
Editors: Warburton and Hamblen
Published by The American Iris Society)
494 pages, with 32 pages of color photos. Hardcover.

The official American Iris Society publication that effectively is THE complete modern authoritative source book on Iris. Written for the Iris enthusiast, it contains sections from 34 authors including international authorities covering all phases of Iris both scientific and popular. This book is invaluable for the Iris lover. Still the best Iris reference work currently on the market.

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Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!


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