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More on Fertilizing Iris and Schreiner’s Controlled Release Iris Food

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Thank you to all readers who submitted inquisitive and Schreiner’s 6-10-10 Controlled Release Iris Foodsupportive comments to our first-ever blog post! Some of you requested more information on exactly how to use our Controlled Release Iris Food. Here are a few more details:

Our 1 lb. bag of Iris food covers approximately 20 ft2, at the rate of 1 Tablespoon per rhizome. Sprinkle the dry fertilizer around the plant, taking care to keep granules away from direct contact with plant. After you have applied the fertilizer, water gently to encourage the nutrients to reach the roots. The Iris food that we sell is not intended to be diluted and then applied, however.

Our general rule of thumb on the subject of fertilizing Iris is worth repeating:

Display Gardens

Late afternoon, Schreiner’s Display Gardens

one month before bloom season, while the tulips are blooming in your area, apply a low-nitrogen, well-balanced fertilizer, such as Schreiner’s 6-10-10 Controlled Release Iris Food.  A second light application about a month after bloom will reward you with good growth and bloom.

May all your Iris be healthy and your garden strong!


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