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An Instrument of Grace


Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow cycles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.” – May Sarton

Schreiner's Iris Gardens|Oh So Yummy

Tall Bearded Iris “Oh So Yummy” Blooms in May

Ralph Waldo Emerson said when he went into his garden with a spade to dig a bed, he felt such exhilaration and health, that he felt he’d been defrauding himself all the time in letting others do for him what he should have done with his own hands.

We need places of reverie and reflection. It feels good to put work aside, relax and enjoy the garden. To just relax on a bench and quietly gaze upon the landscape. The cares of the world quietly slip away.

Visitors-webIdly strolling among the Iris, unexpected delights endlessly appear. Captivating juxtapositions of color are seemingly on parade. Deep purple against a glowing orange, an icy white contrasting beautifully with a lavender Iris, then a brilliant gold, the darkest black, a sky blue…On it goes. Countless new colors and combinations. As Emma Townsend wrote, “Irises are the glamour pusses in the world of floral loveliness.” Time spent in an atmosphere of beauty is restorative.


The Schreiner Family

Schreiner's Iris Gardens|Sky and Sun

Tall Bearded Iris “Sky and Sun” blooms in May

P.S. Please consider a trip to Schreiner’s Gardens at bloom time. Our 10-acre display of over 500 Iris cultivars, planted among a dizzying array of mature perennials, welcomes local and international visitors each May. Call our office or visit our website for more Bloom Season details.

Iris Lover’s Catalog now available online.


Author: Schreiner's Iris Gardens

Growing beauty since 1925. Retail and wholesale supplier of high-quality Bearded Iris & Daylilies.

7 thoughts on “An Instrument of Grace

  1. In the article above for “An Instrument of Grace”–the gorgeous picture of a woman with a hat and the Irises– there is a beautiful orange/peach Iris (tall bearded). Can I have the name of that Iris, please? Also, the price of it? Thank You so much. I adore Schreiner’s and have been an adoring fan for 40 years. Thanking you in advance, Linda McNally

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Linda. You’re in luck! The plant tag is visible in that photo. The orange/peach you are referring to is “Oh So Yummy”. Here is the link to that page: Happy Gardening!


      • Thank you so much for your reply and naming the Iris for me. I have so many that I can’t live without now-especially after reading your wonderful blog where people have shown their own gardens and companion planting. Fantastic! It always helps to give a visual picture of how they look in the garden as their colors are more true. I’m totally overwhelmed. What a joy you must have to work with all this beauty…


      • Thank you for your kind words, Linda. I’m glad we were able to help. I can tell you that receiving feedback from satisfied, enthusiastic folks such as yourself brings us joy equaling that of working among the natural beauty. Thank you for taking the time to write. Happy Spring!


  2. It is very beautiful I Do like iris they are one of God’s creations. Launa mcmath

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! The Schreiner Gardens have provided such beauty for so many years—thank you.


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