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Happy Holidays from Schreiner’s Iris Gardens


IrisandHolly2You are the gardener, who awaits Iris blooms.
We are the Iris grower, breeding grand colorful plumes.
You are the reader, informed and entertained.
We are the Iris grower, “Grow the best Iris!” we have always campaigned.
You are our customer, for which we feel blessed.
We are Schreiner’s Gardens, sending you only the best.

Happy Holiday Greetings and Peace and Joy in the coming year!

~ The Schreiner Family


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Author: Schreiner's Iris Gardens

Growing beauty since 1925. Retail and wholesale supplier of high-quality Bearded Iris & Daylilies.

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Schreiner’s Iris Gardens

  1. Last year was such a sad year for me – my husband became ill and I brought him home to care for him. No time to garden, I could only concentrate on keeping my husband comfortable. Sadly, he died in November and my world saw no happiness. To my surprise, the Iris plants pokedup their heads in early January and that brought a smile to my face. I now have half a dozen blooms on my table. The iris plants never gave up despite my neglect and now I am ready to plant more to brighten my garden. Thanks for reminding me of beauty and happiness.


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