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Schreiner’s Iris Gardens Celebrating 90 Years


Schreiner's Iris Gardens|History

Bernard, Connie and Robert Schreiner

Join us in celebration of our golden anniversary all throughout 2015! Grandfather F.X. Schreiner began his small commercial Iris business in 1925 in St. Paul, MN. His three children, Bernard, Connie, and Robert, moved the business to Salem, Oregon in the 1940s and opened up the Display Gardens to the public in the 1950s.

Do you or someone you know have memories of visiting, working for, or doing business with Schreiner’s Iris Gardens over the past 90 years? Historic or recent, we’d love to read your stories. Many thanks in advance for sharing your memories with us!

Schreiner's Iris Gardens|History

Schreiner’s Way c1950s

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~ The Schreiner Family


Author: Schreiner's Iris Gardens

Growing beauty since 1925. Retail and wholesale supplier of high-quality Bearded Iris & Daylilies.

8 thoughts on “Schreiner’s Iris Gardens Celebrating 90 Years

  1. Happy 90th, Schreiner’s!! Your varieties are incredibly diverse and all breathtaking. I look forward every year to seeing what’s new and love the history behind the older irises. Thank you for the beauty you bring to the world!


  2. My first recollection of tall bearded irises was when I was just a small child. My grandma was a passionate iris lover, growing hundreds, and her yearly iris catalogs from Schreiner’s were fun to look at. She spent hours pouring over them, making a list of those she wanted, then choosing just the special ones she would order that year. She was exclusive to Schreiners–and was a customer until she she no longer could take care of her garden. My parents, who lived just next door, inherited the land and all the gorgeous flowers. My parents, as they grew too old to take care of it, finally had to give up the land and sold it. Sad to say, the new owner didn’t share this love and they’re no longer there. Their love of irises, however, was passed down to me. I now pour over the catalogs, making my lists! Thank you, Schreiners, for what has turned out to be a multi-generational tradition!

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  3. Thank you for keeping the love, care, beauty of Iris for all of us.


  4. First visit, about 1982 or 1983, with son and husband. I was hooked! The display garden was absolutely amazing! I had no idea that Iris came in such a variety of colors and styles. After about 2 hours my husband and son drug me off “kicking and screaming”! I’ve been back near every year since! Love the indoor display areas and the gorgeous bunches you give out for Mothers Day! Thank You!


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