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Annual Iris Naming Contest Now Closed

Our Annual Iris Naming Contest is now closed for the season. Please check back again in the fall for next year’s contest. Thank you to all who submitted an entry! Best of luck and Happy Gardening!


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Tribute to Our Crew

Crew Planting Display Gardens

Schreiner’s Iris Gardens has been a family-owned and operated small business since its beginning in 1925. Today three third-generation Schreiner siblings, Liz, Ray and Steve, are steering the company into the future . But we also consider our hard-working crew as family, joining together to tend our plants and grounds throughout the year. They begin planting the rhizomes and nubs in September and October each season, carefully hand placing each plant, watching its annual journey from bud break to hand harvesting each summer. All this attention by our devoted Iris crew creates what we feel to be the best Iris locally, nationally and internationally.

Planting at sunrise for the 2013 crop

While the bulk of our crew works only during our peak season from April through August, Schreiner’s maintains a core crew year-round. These long-time employees (some exceeding 20 years with us) keep Schreiner’s operating and looking its best. They assist with the thousands of crosses for new varieties; maintain precise inventory records; prepare field identification tags (so we know what’s where); dig and plant the 200 plus acres of fields and display gardens; drive trucks, tractors, cultivators and forklifts; weld, build, design, troubleshoot equipment and tools; research and implement current agricultural and work-place regulations; clean and sanitize the grounds and buildings; and, pack and ship millions of boxes of Iris annually.

The Schreiner “extended” family includes our fabulous office staff as well! Three very dedicated and long-term employees accept and process orders; field phone questions; prepare orders for digging; maintain wholesale customer records; correspond with and prepare orders for our international customers;  ensure compliance with phytosanitary regulations; and so much more. Alison, Leslie and Annette have all been with Schreiner’s for many years — 32, 13 and 12 respectfully! They each add professionalism, precision, and great humor to our lives here at the gardens. Our newest employees, Lucy (our wonderful new accountant) and Dyna (general marketing assistant and amateur photographer), round out the hard-working staff in the office.

As we prepare to close out another colorful and exciting Iris season, we pause and consider all for which we are grateful and fortunate. Our customers and our crew — both loyal and new — roll in at the top of the list.

Liz, Ray and Steve Schreiner
Photo courtesy Stacey Griffin Photography

Thank you!

Liz, Ray and Steve

P.S. Right now we are naming next year’s New Introductions. We’d love to receive your suggestions on a name for one of our new seedlings, shown below!  Please email us your name suggestion to For the complete Contest description, click here:  Enter our Annual Iris Naming Contest!

One of our new introductions. Stay tuned for the results of the 2012 Naming Contest!