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There’s nothing like an iris.

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Greetings fellow iris lover,
As a lover of plants yourself, you too understand the power of our gardens to transport us from the cares of the outside world. We’re drawn to the easy rhythms and satisfying pleasures of expectation and reward. You probably have found yourself contemplating whether to put a swath of blue iris – medium and light blues next to the peonies, and maybe some oranges, pinks and light yellows among the columbine…gradually we realize we’ve been at it for hours and the light is waning.

Take time to contemplate the garden design.

There is nothing like an iris, though, would you agree? Indisputably, they are the glory of spring. Artists have been fascinated by the exquisite architecture of bearded iris for centuries. And the colors! Heavens to Mergatroid! More colors than you can imagine, and then some… A not unusual reaction from a first-time visitor to our display garden at peak bloom in May, “Oh my! I can’t believe it! I never knew there were so many colors of iris!”

Tall Bearded Iris|Schreiner's Iris Gardens
“Heaven to Mergatroid! So many colors!”

Here on the farm, as the season of iris bloom nears, anticipation steadily grows until the iris explode in a riot of wondrous color. Discovering new varieties, and marveling at incremental advances in breeding, makes each year just a little better than the last.

Eliciting “Wows” are not only the statuesque tall bearded displays, but also the rows of the early blooming Dwarf iris, which are more practical when space is limited.

Dwarf iris “Heather Carpet”, blooming in unison with tulips and daffodils.

A note of advice — if you live in the city, and desire solitude, don’t plant bearded iris in your front yard. Traffic will slow to a crawl. Passersby will exclaim, “I never knew there were so many colors of iris!” Plant the iris in the back instead, for a dreamy vista from the kitchen window…. And a quiet place to contemplate your garden design…

Schreiner's Iris Gardens|Sky and Sun
Tall Bearded Iris “Sky and Sun” blooms in May

Where do you plant your iris? Front or back? What mix of perennials join your iris? Do you mix colors, or go with monochromatic designs? We’d love to hear from you!

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