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Thank you, one and all….


Schreiner's Gardens|Sunrise over Newly Planted Fields

October sunrise over newly planted Iris fields

Thank you for a wonderful season.
To all of our customers — past, present and future — we thank you. You represent our heritage and our legacy. In this season of planning and planting, we embrace the coming winter, and look to the bounty of the spring. But there’s no rushing nature.
Not even in this impatient era of “instant gratification” and “what’s in it for me” can the forces of nature be hurried. Yet, with lightning speed, we all share our joys and woes; our pleasure or displeasure with a personal experience or product purchased. We share images of our latest acquisition, mountain climbed, or newest blossom to open in the garden (the latter being our favorite always). Comments, praise, and complaints fly through the social cyber waves to our virtual doorstep. We, here at Schreiner’s Gardens, receive these messages with open arms, receptive minds and humble hearts. Social posts, emails, and letters all serve to bind us better to you, our customers. For this connection, we are grateful.
For four generations of Iris (and Daylily) farming we’ve been growing our connections — building our followers, you could say. With all of you, we share our successes, because we care about what’s in it for you.
Thank you for another great season.
Best wishes for a peaceful Autumn,

Author: Schreiner's Iris Gardens

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2 thoughts on “Thank you, one and all….

  1. We live on four acres in New Mexico. Two acres of pasture grass for the last standing horse. 24 years old. Had her mother and father. Have over forty of your irises. Lots of day lilies and a rose bush or two.
    Would love to have you name one of your iris after my last horse, Summer Lady. A lovely chestnut. So a rusty red would be nice. Brother was Summer Star Dancer. A bay boy. Sister was Summer Song. Looked just like her mother I have shared my catalogues with the senior center. If you want to send me more copies I will distribute them through out our small town. Bosque Farms, New Mexico. The iris like it better here than Minnesota . . . I do too.
    755 Sherri Court, Bosque Farms, New Mexico 87068. Wish the season was longer. Heck of a lot better than Minnesnowta!
    Met and married my husband in California. We moved to New Hampshire and then New Mexico. He is retired Air Force, Lt Col. Served force too many years. Including Vetiname. I started a dog rescue and stopped counting at 1,000 placed. Ashes of 72 dogs and three horses we could not save.
    Wish the Iris lived a bit longer. But joy of seeing then bloom is mesmerizing.

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