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Blue is in the eye of the Iris grower


By Bryce WilliamsonIn the last twenty-five years, there has been an amazing proliferation of new patterns and color combinations. Lost in this transition, however, is one of the basic reasons to grow irises—they have wonderful blues and violets colors found in few other flowers. Other flower groups should be green with envy if they had…

via I’m Singing the Blues — World of Irises

Author: Schreiner's Iris Gardens

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8 thoughts on “Blue is in the eye of the Iris grower

  1. As every one knows ( or should know) Schreiner’s is the best in the world for developing blues. Some of the most famous and most beautiful blue iris come from Schreiner’s.


  2. Love blue flowers…any blue flowers! The problem with them is that most that are described as “blue”, are very often a shade of purple. Not so much with Iris. There are a ton of true blue varieties.


  3. I’ve been growing Iris for 50 years and still get a thrill when the blues unfurl.


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