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Schreiner’s Iris Gardens’ 2015 Iris Naming Contest Winner


Contest|Schreiner's Gardens

Let’s Fly!

Schreiner’s Iris Gardens is excited to announce that Seedling TT1024-C has a new name! Congratulations to Joan F. from Erie, Pennsylvania for her winning entry, “Let’s Fly”! Joan said the name came to her when she looked at the petals of the blossom which reminded her of wings. She thought to herself, “Hey, let’s fly away!”  Joan will receive a $25 gift certificate to Schreiner’s Iris Gardens, as well as one rhizome of “Let’s Fly” next summer. Congratulations Joan!

Thank you to all who participated in our Annual Iris Naming Contest. We received over 1100 entries! Suggested names ranged from the fanciful to the spiritual, from the humorous to the personal. It’s no easy task to pick just one from so many great suggestions.


Ray Schreiner and crew are working on new seedlings for 2016 and beyond. Join us again next year for our Annual Iris Naming contest!

Stay tuned for the announcement of Schreiner’s Iris Gardens’ 2015 New Introductions. We’ll present our new Iris on our website starting in 2015, which incidentally is our 90th anniversary!



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2 thoughts on “Schreiner’s Iris Gardens’ 2015 Iris Naming Contest Winner

  1. Congratulations Joan F! I grew up in Erie a very long time ago.

    In the past two decades I have developed a love of iris and have learned to limit my purchases to Schreiner’s, for they have the best quality rhizomes. When I thin out the iris, I give them to friends. We have found they grow very well in central Arizona.


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